Vision Statement

Our goal as an Official State Committee, will be to educate the citizens on Holistic Healthcare. We want to see Holistic Healthcare as an option / choice under the required Health Insurance in Massachusetts. In the current Healthcare Model, Holistic Healthcare is paid for completely by the patient.

The Committee will continue to educate and raise monies to fund the Committee, while working to require Holistic Healthcare as a choice on the Election Ballot Question in Massachusetts. They will work with Political Attorneys, The Attorney General’s Office, The Secretary of State’s Office, the Citizens of Massachusetts and the State Representatives and State Senators to get the job accomplished in Massachusetts.

The Committee will also educate other States on how the process works so that they can have this option available to them in their respective State.  The Committee will allow a chance for Holistic Colleges, Universities and Schools that offer Holistic Health Occupations to graduate students, a chance to make a living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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